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A Case for Annuities

As  many of you know I believe that annuities can play an important role in  retirement planning.  Does that mean that an annuity is always the  right choice? Of course not.  It's not enough that the purchase of an  annuity be deemed suitable, after careful examination of all other  alternates; it should represent the best possible solution.  Beware of  the sales person that only has a license to sell annuities and offers up  his annuity as the perfect investment.  Their are no perfect  investments. Their are  pros and cons to every investment (including  annuities).  It's critical that you be informed about not only the  benefits and features but also the potential down side.  I can tell you  that when I recommend an annuity I spend a great deal of time going over  the down side. There are about 2000 insurance companies that offer  approximately 15,000 annuity products.  I spend countless hours poring  over and analyzing annuities and I can tell you that most are simply not  very good. Of the thousands that are out their only a few dozen  consistently get my attention.  Ironically some of the best offerings  are usually short lived.  Let me explain.  The annuity market is very  competitive and companies are always one upping each other vying for  your money and on occasion a company will offer too much and shortly  thereafter will withdraw their offering.  Too good too be true? Know,  just too good too last. Check this sight often for the most competitive  annuity offerings.

First, let's make one thing clear. You should not be considering the  purchase of an annuity unless you have fully funded or intend to fully  fund your IRA, 401(k), or 403(b) for the year. These investments occur  before income tax and are the first step to planning for your financial  freedom.

If you have fully funded or plan to fully fund those retirement plans  this year and have additional funds to invest, where will you put the  money? Mutual funds? Bonds? Annuities? Probably all may be  present in a  well-rounded, well-managed, diversified portfolio. Read on to learn  about some important advantages of annuities that can make them an  excellent complement to a well-rounded portfolio. The annuity is a place  to invest an unlimited amount of money without paying any current taxes  until you start to take money out. You can also use an annuity as a  funding vehicle for an IRA, Roth IRA, 403b, SEP IRA, or other retirement  plan, if suitable.

So, do your home work, and if you would like a copy of my white paper  "The Do's and Don’ts of Annuities" just give me a call or email and I  will be happy to send it to you.

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